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Episode #161 of The Clarey Podcast

Dumping UK husband for Jamaican lover.
Mail order brides.
Target losing business.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Why Manveer Heir Shouldn't Be (and Brendan Eich Should Never Haven Been) Fired

If you don't know the kerfuffle surrounding Manveer Heir, he is a developer at Bioware games that has made some tweets and social media commentary that some deemed racist.  And while I can certainly understand criticizing various races, or pointing out shortcomings in an aim to constructively criticize (or perhaps even vent about) said races, I kind of drew the line at this:

Naturally, whether genuinely racist or not, calls for Heir's head have come forth.  There's even a petition to get the man fired (I sent an e-mail to Bioware and as of yet don't know if he's still employed).  However, after getting over the visceral reaction of loathing a man that seems to loathe you merely for your skin and gender, a more somber analysis (hat tip to Honey Badger radio) is required.  For if we merely insist SJW's get theirs in return, we miss a much larger and more important threat to all of us - the freedom of speech.

Tempting as it may be to get your pound of flesh against somebody who hates you for irrational reasons, the larger issue here is one of the freedom of speech.  And disgusting as you may find Mr. Heir's comments, he does have the right to say what he wants (or perhaps not in Canada, given the latest ruling by the Canadian Human's Rights commission).  Regardless, simply turn the tables and let us revisit Mr. Brendan Eich.  Eich was the former CEO of Mozilla until it was discovered he made a political donation to a campaign to ban gay marriage.  For him exercising his right to the freedom of speech he was summarily fired...and we all stopped using Firefox as a browser.  But while we can highlight a tit for tat exchange between leftists and rightists getting fired for their political views, the larger point though is that Americans (and Canadians) EFFECTIVELY do NOT have the freedom of speech.  Not because of government or a tyrannical state, but because of....


I have argued before that people either HAVE the freedom of speech or they DON'T.  And it doesn't matter if it's the government infringing upon your freedom of speech, but ANY entity in a position of power over you.  And so while the government may not care if you ramble off racist tweets, sexist YouTube videos, or controversial Instachats, your employer might, and that effectively infringes on your speech.

We've seen this in another arena as well, not just with employers, but also college campuses.  Though colleges are NOT the law and they are NOT your employer, because they are the only way by which you can get a degree, and thus employment, you are effectively answering to a defacto fourth layer of government.  This allows colleges to not only force you to attend a kangaroo court if falsely accused of rape and force whatever kind of political indoctrination upon you, but if you violate their speech codes you get punished, expelled, you career ruined, etc.  Again, (and TRULY ironically) you don't have the freedom of speech ON A COLLEGE CAMPUS!

In short, because of these "quasi" layers of government in the form of employers, colleges, even social media giants (with their "community guidelines), nobody REALLY has the freedom of speech.  And since nobody has the freedom of speech, great ideas, controversial ideas, and ideas that will genuinely advance and progress society (not to mention ideas we'd like to just talk about without the fear of consequences) cannot come to the forefront or be advocated.

This is why, in my humble opinion, legislation should be passed that prohibits employers (and colleges) from firing (or hiring) people based on what they say on the internet or in public.  It is none of their business, it does not concern them, and if employers TRULY cared about CSR or "virtue signaling" their liberal credentials they would advertise the fact they do NOT investigate, monitor, or inquire about your internet or social life.  The only form of "justice" or comeuppance would come in the form of the market place of ideas and debates on the internet.  Racists, communists, facists, homophobes, etc., would all be outed and publicly shammed/ostracized.  So distasteful would their ideas and commentary be, they'd have to turn off the likes/dislikes ratio and comments and deal with the hate mail in private.  And people would choose with their time and dollars whether or not to deal with these people.  Besides which, there is a huge benefit to letting people TRULY have the freedom of speech - they'll show their true colors.  And if you can find out somebody doesn't like you because of the color of your skin, or they intend to blow up a building because they don't like a particular religion, it makes you wonder why Facebook, Google, Youtube, etc. have community guidelines at all.  Because I for one (not to mention the FBI and CIA) would like to know who these people are.  So please let them exercise their freedom of speech uninhibited.

Monday Morning Linkage

I do believe fat women are the least honorable and trustworthy people.  It's simply the biggest, boldest, most honest tell about their personality.

Target's virtue signaling backfires.

Meanwhile in Venezuela.

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A Very Capitalist Weekend

Remember to do all your online shopping this weekend via my Amazon link.  Costs you nothing, and all proceeds go to an evil white republican male to do evil white republican male things.

Curse Free Episode #2 of The Clarey Podcast!

What if college girls dressed like the 1950's?
Captain's Quarterly is out.
Amy Schumer pulls an Obama and writes about herself.
Millennials aren't have sex because they're not sexy.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

"Captain's Quarterly"

Happy Day Lieutenants!

After a three week work binge some of my projects are coming to fruition.  And while Reconnaissance Man was recently published, I also put the finishing touches on another project "Captain's Quarterly."

"Captain's Quarterly" is basically backing up the best works of this blog.  However, instead of doing that every 3-5 years (which resulted in the 900 page monstrosity that "Captain Capitalism - Reserved" was), I'm backing up the blog every quarter to make it more digestible, thus Captain's Quarterly.  I have also added some eye candy to the project in part to give you something more than charts and data to look at, in part because I appreciate the 1950's looking woman, but also to piss off feminists because they hate truly beautiful women.  Thus each issue of "Captain's Quarterly" will have a new model dolled up in classy 1950's attire and lingerie (that's if I can keep finding reliable, timely models, so if you know any, send them may way).

The only problem is that "Captain's Quarterly" is made first to be an analog back up of my works, and second as a work of art.  Therefore it's in color and it's price is well...rather pricey.  Each issue is estimated to cost around $20 an issue, which I hope in the future will go down with advances in technology.  That being said, the Kindle version, not being limited by color-printing technology, I set at the lower price I could possible at $2.99 per issue.


Regardless, if you are interested in purchasing a copy, you can find both paperback and kindle versions on Amazon.com.  And many thanks to all of you for your support!


Why Citizens Should Have Access to Fully Automatic Weapons and M1 Abrams

Was interviewed on Crush the Street with Ken again, and we discussed my position on the 2nd Amendment.  I frankly don't care about obscured gun/death statistics and view the right to gun ownership on a principled level - it was instituted to counter an oppressive government.  Ergo, individuals should be armed to the level of soldiers and militias (in my opinion) should not only have access to tanks and other armament, but training in the use of them AND supplied with them.

We then went on to talk about how it's impossible for everybody to retire off of the stock market.

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15 Lies Single Moms Tell You

Looks like the Ole Captain's advertisement made it to Terrence Popp's latest video!

Men Pay More In Taxes

Men pay egregiously more in taxes, resulting in a tax gap.  I would also be curious to know if we collect less in government money.  Wait, never mind, I already know.

When Yellow Journalism Infected Blogging

A very interesting analysis (video) by Bernard Chapin about how the drive for traffic and clicks has jettisoned the pursuit of truth and accuracy, resulting in very few blogs that are genuine vehicles of journalism.

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Reconnaissance Man Is Meant for 20 Somethings

Glorious Karl of Glorious Hat fame did a review of my latest book "Reconnaissance Man."

However, I did want to dispel some myths about the book, namely who this book is written for.  The most common complaint I get about my books is that they're of no use to people 50 or older.  And...well...yeah, I can't really help you when your life is 70% done and all major decisions have been made.  However, this book is not for high school, or even college aged kids only as people seem to think it is.  It's for anybody who is wandering around the desert,clueless about what they want to do, and are contemplating or kicking around either attending or returning to college.  Ergo, the target age was 18-35, with kids "ideally" picking up the book at 14.

Regardless, the whole point of the book is to make sure you either choose the right path the first time, OR, leave the wrong path you're on now and quickly identify the right one, easily saving you 10 years of your life, perhaps even 20.  Yes, it is for kids about to enter college, but it's for anybody who is either stuck, listless, or directionless in life and cannot see any other way out.  This book shows you that out.

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

Those precious, heroic single mothers.  How do they manage to do what they do?

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How the Left Brought Racist and Sexist Trolling Upon Itself

Though brash and callous, I draw the line at using words like "nigger," "spick," and "kike."  These words have no benefit or upside to them, and while I'm very critical of black, hispanic, American female, and other minority cultures, it is a constructive criticism that aims to improve their lot in life.  However, whereas I draw the line at using outright insulting phrases and terms, the same does not hold true for others.  For example I wince every time Matt Forney claims he's a Nazi and, frankly, won't listen to Chris Cantwell because of his frequent use of the term "nigger."

However, I know Matt Forney and (after listening to several of Chris Cantwell's shows), am familiar with Chris Cantwell.  And if I had to put money on it, I'd wager Matt is no Nazi and I have serious doubts Chris Cantwell genuinely hates blacks.  But their flagrant and flippant use of these words, even though deep down inside they likely don't believe a word of it, is an interesting phenomenon.  For if you step back and look at it, it's a response, if not outright backlash to the left's obsession with accusing everybody of racism and sexism.  And it is here that the left has created a monster that will forever hound and haunt them.

To understand this monster you have to understand its origins.  And its origins come from the left's obsession with victim-politics.  Without going into the long and belabored psycho-political explanation, leftists are at the core lazy people.  They don't want to work.  They don't want to do math.  And so they approach life with a survival strategy of parasitism and forcing others to pay for them.  However, life doesn't pay the parasitic, so leftists must become masters at rationalizing the theft of others.  This results in the professional victim-whoring industry where they claim they're discriminated against because of their (choose any one of the following)

mental illness
etc. etc. etc.

And since they're "discriminated against" this gives them the right to your life-labor in the form of extra money and taxes you get to pay.

This pins not only the emphasis, BUT THEIR ENTIRE SURVIVAL on their ability to highlight discrimination.  And so not only is every whiff of genuine discrimination highlighted, magnified, and brought to the forefront, but things that aren't bigotry, but can be construed as bigotry, are spun thusly so (and let's not mention minorities faking their own hate crimes).  Add to this most leftists have no value, worth, or agency in life, and they trip over themselves to highlight sexism and racism as a faux-profession, notably in journalism

The result in a constant cacophony of perpetually offended people who invariably blame the boogie man of "white males" for their laziness, sloth, parasitism, stupidity, and utter lack of achievement and success in life.  It also results in a world of people (notably whites and males) having to walk around egg shells so as not to offend the precious, fragile feelings of the perpetually offended, not to mention avoid the career-destroying accusation of being a (GASP!!!!)  RACIST/SEXIST!  And so like the increasing cowards they are, men and whites tuck their tails behind their legs, and tip toe around the land mines the race-whores and sexist-pimps have laid out before them...except for one group of people.

Those (predominantly) white males who have nothing to lose.

The Great Recession had a great effect on the lives, and more importantly, futures of a entire generation.  It more or less destroyed them.  Saddled with $70,000 in student loans for a degree that land them zero jobs and released into the slowest growing economy since the Great Depression, millions of millennials (and Gen X'ers) have realized they will never achieve the American dream.  They won't own a house, they won't have a loving, caring, or supporting wife.  They won't have enough for retirement.  And they won't have a career they were promised.  Adding insult to injury, males and whites of these generations are falsely accused of having "privilege" and are constantly blamed for the failures of others when they themselves have no success to speak of.  So with no job to lose, no career to be had, and no financial success to point towards, they simply say "fuck it" and rip apart the entire system.

This has resulted in a large digital, but veritable army of online bloggers, posters, commenters, and trolls with zero fucks to give.  From their basements, their buddies' couches, or their local bar they slam and troll the precious sensibilities of the professional victim-whoring industry.  Comments sections are filled with racial epitaphs, outright sexism, outright bigotry, and all manner of name calling.  They blow through the mine-field of political correctness by jettisoning any pretense of political correctness, indifferent if they're accused of an "ism" or "ist," agreeing-and-amplifying with bulldoze force.  And they only increase the ferocity of their attacks when the professional parasites whine about being attacked.  In the end, these leftists who insist on being professional victims, are guaranteed to be hounded and harassed when they publicly post their whining and parasitism on line.  And since that's how they get their money, they have condemned themselves to an entire life of online harassment, criticism, lecturing, and hatred.

Just one problem.

It's all trolling.

Certainly there are some genuine sexists and racists out there.  And no doubt there are bigots and homophobes on teh interwebz as well.  But the increasing army of posters and commenters aren't racist or sexist.  They're just sick of the constant lecturing, proselytizing, whining, and bitching coming from the professional victim-whiner-whore industry.  Even women and minorities are sick of it as they don't want their skin or plumbing to be associated with such a whiny, parasitic, pathetic, and loser class.  But since reason, evidence, and empiricism doesn't work, then why not just troll them and increase their blood pressure?  Why not mock them and ridicule them, by showing them what real bigotry and racism would look like?  This is why the majority of articles from these ist-whores don't have the comments section available.  This is why Anita Sarkeesian doesn't allow comment on her channel. They are such weak and worthless people, they can hypocritically (and falsely I might ad) blame others for their failings in life, but can't stand to take the criticism. And criticism is all they ever get in life.

In the end you have to take inventory of who is really winning this battle.  Yes, to be a professional victim-whore may sound nice.  You don't have to work (a real job anyway).  Life is easy.  And all you have to do is take whatever handouts you can get.  But while that may sound easy, the lack of honor, agency, and purpose in life invariably becomes taxing and destroys your life.  Have you seen a happy feminist?  Have you seen a content BLM protestor?  Just imagine that instead of producing something of value, or raising a family, or working as a mechanic, your entire life was just 65 years of panhandling and concocting excuses as to why you have the right to be a thief.  You will have achieved nothing of genuine intellectual, emotional, romantic, artistic, or industrial worth.  You're just a parasite.

But if you think that's bad, just imagine that life with millions of trolls harassing you everyday, exposing you for the fraud and leech that you are. And they're not going anywhere because you were so successful in implementing a socialist system you took away any future they might have had, any women they might have married, and dared to blame all of your failures on them.

It's great when Dr. Frankenstein dies at the hand of his own creation.

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate Trial and Error

Hi All,

Without going into a long and detailed explanation, browsers have evolved a lot, so much so that some them are now putting in automatic ad-blockers which, among other things, blocks my Amazon Affiliate banner (top right banner, right below the ad for Curse of the High IQ).  I think I programmed a work around, but won't know for sure until I can verify some purchases.

So if you are one of those kind souls who does all their shopping through my banner, please let me know if/what/when you purchased something so I can see if the new banner I programmed is capturing and recording your sales.

Many thanks,


PS-If you don't do your online shopping through my Amazon Affiliate program, START!

25,000 Subscribers on YouTube

Wanted to say thanks to all of you who followed and made not only my YouTube channel successful, but made Asshole Consulting possible as well!


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Mark Dayton's Economic Minnesota Miracle

For the past couple years I've had the occasional brainwashed Minnesota leftist automaton regurgitate cud it received, pre-chewed by the Minnesota democrat party and say,

"Oh yeah!!! But what about Mark Dayton's economic miracle!!!!????  About how he taxed the rich and now Minnesota is the fastest growing state in the nation?  Huh?  What about that!!??? Huh huh???"

I'm old and experienced enough to ignore this because 100% of the time...

not 97%
not 98%
not 99%

but ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the time when I hear anything coming from the left it is either an outright lie or it is a half-truth making the entire statement a lie.  Combine this with the fact no leftists (and not that many rightists either) care about empiricism or proof, I don't bother wasting my breath trying to argue, and just let the naive fool continue on his/her doomed leftist career path of non-profit work, academia, panhandling, or slinging Uptown coffee.

But when I heard it the fourth time, it was getting annoying.  And so to have the data very handy I decided to look up this "economic miracle" and see for myself just what a great job Mark Dayton (and not the hard working people of Minnesota) did to get this economy booming.  And true to form, you find out the left's claim of an economic miracle here in Minnesota, just isn't true.

Right off the bat there is no "miracle" happening here in Minnesota.  If you look at GDP figures of Minnesota vs. the United States, we averaged a whopping 1/10th of 1% more than the nation since Mark Dayton has been governor.  This right here is not a "miracle."  It's a rounding error.  Minnesota's economic growth has been IDENTICAL to the nation's.

Of course, then the left immediately cites unemployment as success of Dayton's trust-fund baby socialism, pointing out Minnesota's unemployment rate is much lower than the country's.  This is true, but has always been true.  Minnesota has always had a lower unemployment rate than the nation.  Chalk it up to sociological factors of its people, not the governor:

About the only thing approaching "miracle" status is that of the government budget, which went from deficit to surplus under Dayton's reign.  This is hardly shocking that the left would point to a growing state as "success" since they largely parasitically depend on it for their survival, but state finances are NOT the economy.  Furthermore, this was the trend NATION WIDE.  All states went through the worst recession in 2006-2010, most of their budgets went into deficit, and when the economy (sort of) rebounded, they went into surplus.  About the only thing Dayton did was his same ole same ole Trust Fund Baby Socialism or "tax the rich" which may have begotten a healthier surplus than most, but at the expense of driving long term capital and investment away (um for those leftists reading this, "capital" and "investment" means companies who provide jobs).

In short, I would like to say that I am writing a biased or political piece.  I would like to say I have a personal hatred for Dayton (which I do).  But I don't have to.  An empirical and intellectually honest assessment of Minnesota's economic performance will plainly show there is no booming economy here, let alone a "miracle."  It's simply a lie that should be a text book case study for any student interested in studying political propaganda.

Episode #160 of The Clarey Podcast!

In this episode we interview Tom from Small Scale Life about setting up a simple garden for lazy bachelor survivalists or people who just want to get started on growing their own food.  We also interview Ann Sterzinger and John Steele about the Millennial generation and how much they suck.

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